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Titus Cemetery Search provides burial information research in Mount Pleasant and Titus County, Texas cemeteries for people who are researching their family genealogy and history.

Mt. Pleasant, Texas, county seat of Titus County, is located in northeast Texas at the intersection of Interstate 30, U.S. Highway 271, U.S. Highway 67, and Texas Highway 49.  Mt. Pleasant is approximately 120 miles northeast of Dallas, 60 miles southwest of Texarkana, 50 miles south of Paris, and 60 miles north of Longview and Tyler.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated Titus County's population to be approximately 29,000 people in 2005.  Titus County includes the Cookville, Talco, and Winfield townships.  Some of the county's better-known communities are Argo, Blodgett, Bridges Chapel, Chapel Hill, East New Hope, Farmer's Academy, Gladewater, Greenhill, Liberty Hill, Lone Star, Monticello, Old Union, Nevill's Chapel, Piney, Spring Hill, Union Hill, and Sugar Hill (a name derived from its 1920s-30s moonshine making heyday). 

Nevill's Chapel Cemetery
Masonic Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant
Tombstone Humor:  "What's the hardest thing about being a mortician?"
......."Trying to look sad at a $10,000 funeral!"
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About Titus Cemetery Search

Titus Cemetery Search is a private website provided for people who are interested in Titus County genealogy and history.  We are not affiliated with local government or other civic or genealogy organizations.

We decided to index all burials in Mount Pleasant and Titus County cemeteries into a database for reasons related to our own genealogy research and completely unrelated to this website.  Jimmy and Bettie Stacks worked with our project during its first year and helped us clean the original database and photographed over 18,000 burial markers - sometimes in 100-degree summer heat!  David Horton gave us permission to use local cemetery histories that he had previously compiled, and helped us locate some of the cemeteries that we needed to photograph and inventory.

We constantly add new burials and obituaries to the database, including many old obituaries that we encounter while scanning early newspapers from microfilm for our Titus County History Website.  We sincerely appreciate the help of the Mt. Pleasant Daily Tribune in providing us with current obituaries in digital format so we don't have to scan and hand-type each one.

The resulting database is one the most thorough and current Titus County burial databases available.  Our database contains information on all known marked graves and many unmarked graves in Mount Pleasant cemeteries, plus those in the Titus County townships and communities shown above. 

Mt. Pleasant and Titus County cemeteries, like most other Northeast Texas cemeteries, contain many early burials where a natural rock or other irregular grave marker was used and no name or other identification is present.  We did not attempt to index these burials, since it is impossible to link them to an inquiry without at least a partial name being shown.

The burial database is updated regularly, and we now include people known to have lived in Titus County most of their lives who were buried elsewhere.

We would like to assist others who are doing Titus County or Mt. Pleasant family ancestry research, and decided to create the Titus Cemetery Search website so we could make our information available to everyone.  Our service is free to anyone who is researching their family genealogy or family history.  Titus Cemetery Search is a part-time, not for profit endeavor and the cost of operating our website is privately funded by the owners and supporters.

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